Updating performance appriasals

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Updating performance appriasals

SOES allows Servicemembers with full-time SGLI coverage to make fast and easy changes to their life insurance coverage and beneficiary information at any time without completing a paper form or making a trip to their personnel office. Follow this link to find out when your service is scheduled to begin using SOES.

To access SOES, sign into osd.mil/milconnect and go to the Benefits Tab, Life Insurance SOES- SGLI Online Enrollment System. For now, to make beneficiary changes: Note: You may name anyone as your SGLI beneficiary without his/her consent.

, unless excluded through specific acts, regulations or Orders in Council.

2.2 Those portions of sections of this directive that provide for the Chief Human Resources Officer to monitor compliance with this directive within departments and/or request that departments take corrective action do not apply with respect to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the Office of the Information Commissioner, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages and the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner.

In addition, the court appointed guardian must obtain a specific court order authorizing them to change the beneficiary designation.

Please have the court appointed guardian complete form 29-336, Designation of Beneficiary and Optional Settlement.

Your VA Life Insurance Beneficiary is the person you have designated to receive your insurance proceeds in the event of your death.

You should review your beneficiary information at least once a year to make sure everything is current.

Even though you may have the same beneficiary, they might have changed addresses.

A regular beneficiary review each year will make sure you capture these changes.

Certain life events such a marriage or the birth of a child or divorce should also trigger a review of your beneficiary information.

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3.3 This directive should be read in conjunction with the following documents: 5.2.1 A healthy workplace environment based on public sector values, where leadership, commitment and results are promoted; 5.2.2 Employees are productive, provide excellent service to Canadians and demonstrate the required knowledge, skills, behaviours, competencies and engagement to perform their duties; 5.2.3 Cases of unsatisfactory performance are addressed expeditiously within organizations; 5.2.4 Records on employee performance are maintained within organizations in accordance with the ; 5.2.5 Managers feel adequately supported within their organization and demonstrate the skills required to manage challenging cases of employee performance; and 5.2.6 Organizational performance review regimes are fair, equitable and consistently applied across the core public administration.